Minal Rajurkar (2)


Artist - Minal Rajurkar
Size - 36" x 36"
Medium - Mixed Media on Canvas
Year - 2018
Status - Available
Type - Original Paining
Ref. No - MRMMC01
Enquiry For Painting

About Artwork

While studding I overviewed of the history of portraits, I experienced that only royal people only have their own portraits in historical books with their royal elements like crowns, royal chairs, hookah and sometimes with their pets.As human being I think, Common people also aspires to become royal in his life and wish to get all amenities or royal things which kings use to have. As a result of this I take an interest in portraits of the common man to explore their state of mind like dreams, hope, wish and desire to get something in life.


I wonder that non-royals might also be able to afford portraits of them. I started pushing the portrait in different dimensions.
For me inner psyche of the sitter was as important, if not more so, as the likeness in a portrait. I focus on different aspects- line, color, form, and most importantly psychology oh human mind.
With my keen observation skills of people in our society I engage myself in making creative visuals. Their thinking, action, reaction, psychology, situation and objects around them help me to create and develop my visual thought process. I try to express their different animal traits and nature which they carry.
My desire helps me to understand different people in society who dreams of having all royal things in their life. Few of them I render in the middle of the visual which is the core content of the subject.


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