On Hold


Artist - Swapnil Jain
Size - 22" x 30"
Medium - Digital print on Paper
Year - 2018
Status - Available
Type - Digital Art
Ref. No - SJDP01
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About Artwork

On Hold - Indian Hindu weddings comprise of a host of significant rituals that carry deep sentimental significance. Each of the Hindu wedding rituals has an underlying significance that has been passed down through generations since the time of the Vedas. Some of these rituals have been modified along the way, having evolved into something that is completely new. The modern Hindu wedding rituals are a mishmash of such customs and traditions, and a celebration like no other.


The ritual of Kanyadaan is ripe with deep religious symbolisms.
The groom is considered a representation of Lord Vishnu all through the wedding, and during Kanyadaan the parents are offering their daughter, a considerable piece of their existence, for his taking.
This is considered to be the greatest offering one can present to the Supreme Being and it is believed that upon Kanyadaan the parents of the bride are absolved of all their earthly sins, and are said to attain moksha, relief from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
On the other hand, it is emphasized during the ritual, that the parents are entrusting him with the most precious ‘gift’ in this world. It is expected of him that he will always take care of his wife, their daughter, respect her and keep her happy in every way possible.


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