Preeti Mann


Artist - Preeti Mann
Size - 36" x 36"
Medium - Acrylic on Canvas
Year - 2018
Status - Available
Type - Original Paining
Ref. No - PMAC01
Enquiry For Painting

About Artwork

It’s really difficult to say why I paint but to accept that I paint to find the pleasure of colours and their relationship is my way of entering in to the subject. To feel colours I look at the surroundings and I find the most dominating factor around us is nature. As for many artists Nature is the source of my inspiration also and I always find refuge in Nature. Itsvibrating colours and continues changing attitude makes me feel more comfortable to learn about myself. It provokes me to express and I, as a student of forms, colours and lines learn more about it through my nature. It always helps me to find out myself within the tonalities and passionate formulations of colours.


I enjoys my sorrows and grief’s with the flowing moments of it. Colours always attracts and to capture them as it is, is the most difficult exercise. The more I try I fail. Yet it gives me pleasure to be with it.
Painting for me is the source of life and passion which resides in it.


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