Wildlife Photography Exhibition by Devji Shrimali

Gallery Artoz brings you an assorted collection of wildlife photography “Fascinating Flashes”, by Devji Shrimali
The exhibition opens on Saturday, September 21, Curated by Ms. Virangana Soni of Gallery Artoz, Inaugurated by Dr. Shail Choyal (Eminent Artist), at Kala Vithi Gallery Udaipur (Raj). It is open for visitors from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on all the six days of the week, till 26th Sep.2019. There are nearly 60 exquisite photographs of birds on display.

Devji started photography in 1972, since then, photography has become his passion. His work depicts his concern over nature conservation and the relationship between man and wildlife. In documenting birds through his pictures, he has developed a model of technical excellence combined with a charming story.

Painter & photographer Devji is a professional nature photographer based in Gujarat. He believes in representing the character using a distinct approach. Photographing birds is quite a challenging task as it needs a terribly high degree of patience and dedication to the profession and love for the art. It’s a genre of photography involved with documenting diverse varieties of life in their natural surroundings.

He developed a keen interest in wildlife photography, particularly birds, in the last ten years. The main objective behind organising this exhibition on birds is to share what is captured from nature. Bird photography is a vivid and fascinating theme that needs to be shared through the photographer’s delightful experiences.


Gallery Artoz's 1st National and International Digital Art Exhibition ‘DIVERSE CREATIVITY’ INDIA (Udaipur).

16th to 19th August, 2018.
Inaugurated by
Dr Shail Choyal
(Eminent Artist)

Curated by
Virangana Soni
(Gallery Artoz)

In all 18 artists participated and 30 digital artworks were displayed. Participant artists were Akanksha Jain(Nagpur), Bhawna Vashistha (Udaipiur), Deepika Mali(Udaipur), Devji Shrimali(Ahmedabad), Dr. Dharmveer Vashistha(Udaipur), Gaurav Sharma(Udaipur), Harshita Pandey(Delhi), Kashyap Parikh(Baroda), Mamta Solanki(Mumbai), Mandeep Singh Manu(Amritsar), Nidhi Upadhyay(Udaipur), Raghunath Sharma(Udaipur), Sunil Nimawat(Udaipur), Suresh Sharma(Delhi), Swapnil Jain(Indore), Tod Seitz(Columbus, US), Virangana Soni(Udaipur), Yogesh Murkute(Mumbai).

We extend our sincere thanks to the participating artists who experimented various methods to create impeccable digital paintings.

The works received from the participants were uniquely proven and fantastically creative pieces. The theme was left to the prerogative of the digital artists. Although it took a while for the artists to accept and assimilate this innovative theme, artists were convinced that it has the power to become a major medium of expression in the art in future. Such a concept is making its place in the field of art in a slow and steady pace.


Digital Art or New Media Art: Its creative viability and commercial viability is clearly defined because it involves creativity and knowledge of art and design elements and principles. Now, it’s a phenomenon attracting growing interest and examination from the mainstream art world and general public.

When people were first starting out with it, they were toying with it at arm’s length and trying to get used to it. Whereas now most of the mainstream has been embracing it and it’s also been set up for mainstream art consumption – online, on-screen or projection… The idea of digital is no longer mysterious. Overall the standard of digital paintings, receiving more and more successful, interns of technicality and very contemporary conceptualized in digital creativity.



National Women Artist's Camp & Exhibition


Exhibition of Wood Paintings by Artist Deepika Mali
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