Artoz is a pioneer art forum of Udaipur known as the city of lakes and fountains, breathing day and night and doing hard, in order to execute art events... Art promotion programs by fabricating a healthy bridge among the art community at global level.
From the institution of traditional art to the nascence of contemporary art, ‘Artoz’ has seen it all. Founded in 1991 by Late Shri Naresh Kumar Soni, ‘Art Attack Art Gallery’ (Now Artoz) found its way in the unknown streets of Udaipur. In 2003, after the demise of her father, it was Ms.Virangana Soni who took over the family art tradition and started handling everything.
It has a bouquet of event to its credit, organised from time to time ever since it came into existence, way back in the year 2017, It's worth mentioning that in a short span of nearly five years, ‘Artoz’ has succeeded in not only drawing the attention of the art circle around the world, but also has erected a landmark repute for itself through its varied activities, that include a number of exhibitions, displays, art camps, and many other art extravaganzas.
Udaipur has been a known ground for traditional art but stepping into something unknown to the town’s territory was a clear challenge and now, the gallery was ready for it.
Day by day, new connections were built, network got stronger as the gallery started organising various art exhibitions and workshops for the artists.
During such events, Gallery Artoz came across various young artists and saw their potential and hard work. It was a sign, time to do more.
Fast forwarding to today, Gallery Artoz has now been actively organising and handling events from past 5 years.
So, what’s next in the future? “Well, Artoz has been doing great and we believe in focusing on the present and keeping things exciting always, while achieving milestones one by one.”
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